• I am very happy with Rumi and the therapy I received. She is extremely knowledgable, intelligent, and kind. As most therapy patients know it is not easy to find a therapist you can connect and confide in. It takes time and many tries to find the right one. With Rumi Teneva I immediately felt comfortable and understood and I highly recommend her! – December 12, 2018 – Gabrielle L., verified patient•
  • She’s extremely empathetic and kind. She gives it to you straight and without judgement. I’ve had an excellent experience with Rumi so far! Thanks a bunch. – November 26, 2018 – Austin N., verified patient, Source: Zocdoc
  • Rumi is one of the best! She is highly intelligent, incredibly insightful, and makes you feel very safe. Couldn’t recommend her more. – Less than 1 year ago – Caitlyn D., verified patient

  • Best therapist I have ever worked with. Thank you so much for your support Rumi!! You are the greatest!!

October 16, 2018•Andrea H., verified patient

  • Rumi is an exceptional listener and offers objectivity in her sessions. She is thoughtful and invested in the success of her patients and I highly recommend Rumi.

September 25, 2018•Ashek A., verified patient

  • Rumi is amazing. She has the rare combination of being sharp and compassionate at the same time. I think it is not easy for a therapist to keep a good balance between both. In other words, she helps you resolve the issues effectively, while making you feel good. I would highly recommend Rumi. show less

August 7, 2018•Initials hidden

  • I have been looking for a good therapist for a long time and Rumi was amazing. Right after seeing her I felt peace of mind and hopeful. She was a great listener, didn’t judge me, and was very easy to talk to.

August 6, 2018•Initials hidden

•  My first impression of Rumi was that she is a great therapist who takes her work very seriously. I appreciate that and plan to return.

Less than 6 months ago•Initials hidden

  • She had a beautiful presence, a very calm demeanor. She let me know I was in control and made sure I was relaxed.

June 25, 2018•Akira E., verified patient

  • Amazing. Simply amazing!!

June 2, 2018•Rosemary L., verified patient

  • This was my first therapy session EVER. I was super nervous but she was amazing. Very happy to have found a good fit on my first try. Office is based in manhattan. Easy to get to.

May 22, 2018•Elyse H., verified patient

  • Awesome!

May 21, 2018•Initials hidden

  • She is very helpful and professional. she helps you to what you should do and the best treatment you should get. I am looking forward for the follow up.

Less than 1-year ago•Initials hidden

• This was my first experience ever seeing a therapist. I’m very impressed with the level of service. Dr. Teneva made me feel comfortable and made it easy to have a conversation with her. Even though she only does intakes she makes it a priority to find the right therapist for your needs. I would recommend her 100%. show less

March 20, 2018•Shantey L

  • I owe this woman and great doctor my life and hopefully soon I will be in my path to recovery.

December 3, 2017•Mihael Y., verified patient

  • Happy i decided to start therapy & Rumi is great:. Looking forward to come back again/

November 27, 2017•Indhira C.,

  • Highly recommended! During my initial consultation she was attentive and compassionate, making me feel safe and at ease. Her questions and prompts showed that she was truly listening and understanding me. Very insightful, kind, and professional.show more

November 20, 2017•Bella H., verified patient

  • What a compassionate, intelligent therapist. I just had my first meeting with her and I felt very safe and like I was in the hands of a professional. Already made a followup appointment. Highly recommend.

November 19, 2017•Caitlin M., verified patient

  • Very kind capable, smart person. Hope to work with her more in the future.

November 11, 2017•Franklin H.

  • Great Therapist – very kind, emphatic and professional. I’m actually looking forward to my next appointment with her!

More than 1-year ago•Kathy W.

  • She’s very welcoming and makes sure she takes her time with you in understanding why you’re there. This was my first session but I will be going back to see her!

More than 1-year ago•Denayja H. verified patient